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Two Tier Dresser image 1
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The two-tier dresser exudes a charming and vintage allure, with its elegant design and tasteful finish. Crafted from sturdy wood, it boasts a smooth, clean structure with gracefully curving lines that add a touch of sophistication to any room. The dresser's main body is coated in a delightful light grey milk paint, giving it a soft, muted appearance that exudes a sense of serenity and timelessness. The paint is hand-applied to ensure a bespoke and artisanal touch. The real showstoppers are the drawers, each adorned with intricately raised details in a delicate floral motif creating a sense of depth and texture that captivates the eye. These raised details are thoughtfully emphasized by subtly distressing the edges, adding a touch of vintage allure and character. To protect the delicate paintwork and preserve its allure, the entire piece is sealed with a matte sealer. This sealer enhances the dresser's durability, making it more resistant to wear and tear while maintaining the soft, velvety appearance of the milk paint. For a subtle sheen that enhances the dresser's elegance, a fine wax finish is carefully applied. The wax enhances the dresser's luster, giving it a gentle gleam that catches the light just enough to highlight the raised details and add a touch of refinement to the overall look. Completing the dresser's transformation, brand-new hardware has been chosen to replace the old, worn-out pulls and knobs. The new hardware complements the dresser's design, with their vintage-inspired appearance and brushed bronze finish, adding a touch of opulence to the piece. Overall, the two-tier dresser, painted in a light grey milk paint with raised details on the drawers, sealed with a matte sealer and waxed for a slight sheen, and adorned with new hardware, is a striking blend of elegance and vintage charm. It serves as both a functional storage solution and a captivating statement piece that brings a touch of sophistication to any space it graces.


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  • State: MN

  • City: Saint Augusta

  • Postal code: 56301

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About Seller

Allow me to introduce you to Becky George Designs, a true gem in the world of furniture artistry right here in St. Augusta, MN. Becky's expertise lies in crafting exquisite pieces with authentic old world and European finishes, and what sets her apart is her commitment to using products free from volatile organic chemicals. But that's not all – Becky's art carries a purpose beyond beauty. A portion of her sales goes towards supporting non-profit organizations dedicated to global church plantings. So not only will you be bringing a touch of timeless elegance into your space, but you'll also be contributing to a meaningful cause. It's a win-win! 🛋️✨



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