Ornate Carved Marble Console Table image 1
Ornate Carved Marble Console Table image 2
Ornate Carved Marble Console Table image 1
Ornate Carved Marble Console Table image 2

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Introducing the stunning ornate carved console half round table with a luxurious marble top. This table's intricate qualities reveal it as a true masterpiece, exuding elegance and sophistication in every detail. The opulent marble top adds a touch of glamour to the already exquisite design, while the intricate carving on this gorgeous piece displays a level of craftsmanship that is unparalleled. Whether placed in your foyer or used as an accent in your living room, this table is sure to become a treasured heirloom for generations to come. Don't settle for ordinary when the extraordinary awaits you.


















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  • State: TX

  • City: Lake Kiowa

  • Postal code: 76240

  • Building: 129 Shoshone Drive

About Seller

My name is Jamie Orsburn and I love to paint and restore furniture. Recently I was chosen to be one of 8 participating as Artist in Residence for Amy Howard at Home. We do monthly Facebook live videos on the current finishes that we hope the interior designers will want for their clients. I want these pieces not to be discarded but enjoyed by another family or even used for another purpose altogether. My daughter, Rachel, and I took one class on painting furniture, and I was hooked. I have always loved doing crafty things, but this has become my passion. In the beginning, I enjoyed just painting old garage sale finds, giving it a new look, and reselling it for enough profit to do it again. This adventure began on my back porch, moved to my garage, and then out to a “she shed” that my husband built for me to contain my growing paint/tool inventory. Painting furniture also allowed me to be alone but still be productive. I had a high-stress job, so this allowed me to be peaceful and to unwind from my day. I sometimes prayed for the people who might purchase my furniture someday and that their homes would be full of love, family, and security. I even started putting a bible scripture on a hidden place on each piece before it left my workshop. Recently, I have been continuing my education in painting and restoring furniture. I want my furniture to have an old European Finish and to stand out as being a classy statement piece, unique design, and a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. I have been professionally trained by Amy Howard in Old World Finishes and European Finishes. Through her training, I have learned so many unique and beautiful finishes. Hopefully, these proven finishes will become highly desired and sought after by not only designers but also those with great taste in furniture!



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